Progress Report – Day 102

It’s been a week since the second round of chemo and I must say, I am starting to feel better. The first few days are horrendous. Not that I should be complaining. Exhaustion and a constant queasiness are all that my complaints were. But the feeling of your body going haywire inside, just knowing that there’s poison in you can be unnerving. It throws you completely off balance. I don’t meditate, so there is nothing to center. It’s just been Mum, and Dad and Bhaiya and Amit all the way through. To handle my misery/ill health/crappy mood/depression/helplessness/anger must mean they truly love me 🙂

Decided that before the next round of chemo (the third), I am gonna shamelessly pick up at least seven books from the library. Thrillers help occupy my mind and serve as the perfect distraction of constantly feeling shitty. Hoping to go into work from Monday too (crossing my fingers) for two weeks this time. It has to get better.

Ma suggested I count down the time now. Already started on the treatment, just a matter of days to get it over with and be back to a normal life. Oh, a normal life, I would never be able to take it for granted ever again. God works in his own ways.

The one productive thing I did today was clean all my paintbrushes with turpentine so can easily get down to the business of painting the next time I feel the fancy. So there.


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