To find that “Something else”

Another week and I am still looking. Surely there’s something I’m supposed to be doing at this very moment, something that will tie in with the big picture someday and make absolute sense. This feeling has been around awhile now. Initially, it felt like I was gonna miss the train (Jab We Met, yes) and then like no matter how much I tried, the train would arrive at the platform and I was gonna have to get on. Now, am at the station and forget a train, other than my family and Amit, there isn’t even anyone else in sight.

Life continues to move along whatever path it has been assigned, but why do I feel like there are things that I’m supposed to pitch in with and have no idea of. Still

So, must I accept that whatever I need to be doing, I already am. Trust in the universe and relax. Or, must I give in to my innate controlling nature and keep looking passively/aggressively for what I am “supposed” to be doing to help my future self? Where’s the answer?


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