Finally an Android girl!

So I was missing in action yesterday. Hero gifted a Redmi Note 3 to me. Not that I’ve earned it in anyway, not that that matters 😉 I fell in love with it right away! Been downloading apps left, right and center. I’ve a bunch of apps for social interaction, education and entertainment. I doubt I’d get bored if all I had was this phone on a deserted island.

In other news, my second nephew also has a personal number and a mobile phone at age twelve. I’m amazed and suitably impressed.

I continue to be bothered with the mosquitoes at home. Why won’t they leave me alone? Camphor, fan at a high speed and cleaning the area haven’t worked so far! Back to Google, sigh. .

Tomorrow, I shop. At the supermarket. Can’t hardly wait. It’s something to look forward to other than the other stuff..

Anyways, early start tomorrow. Breakfast is to be prepared by me. Corn upma is on the agenda. Microwave cooking is way simpler.


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