I’m not dying

I had cancer. It was detected in December 2015, I had surgery in January 2016, chemotherapy from March to August 2016 and radiotherapy in October 2016. I am on hormone therapy for the next five to ten years. I am told this whole set of treatments means I don’t have cancer in my body. Which means I’m not dying of it. It’s how you have a cold. You take your medications for the course the doctor prescribes and it’s done with. You might get it again but you aren’t dying. It might mean a day or two off work at worst but it doesn’t mean you are incapable of being given any work because you might get a cold again.

STOP misunderstanding “my health issue” and let me contribute already. Goddamn immature fools. This happens only in India. Say what you want to, you won’t find this level of stupidity anywhere else. I feel angry and frustrated. I am capable. Write that down somewhere, seriously, write it down. Let me show you what I’m capable of, more than the next. My brain is working just fine. This rant probably takes away from the credibility I’m aiming for, it’s my mildest reaction.

When you tell my functional manager that I’m unwell and might not have 100% availability, you lie or you don’t understand what’s happening with me. When your super manager asks if we are discussing my health issue when I’m debating your choice of granting work from home options to your pets, it shows me your level of ignorance and tact and underlines the discrimination that I continue to face at work.

I’m not dying. Get with the program or I’ll be getting to where my skills and experience is better utilised.


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