My day, yesterday

Been nursing a bad cough, I hadn’t caught much sleep through the night. Had plans of meeting A for breakfast, postponed to another day just so I could get in some zzz. Can’t/won’t miss my cab because of the cost factor, so got up and was ready on time. Had a delayed pick-up for the third time this week, which meant I got to spend some time with Bhaiya. It was his birthday after all!

Received news that the June promotions and a big org change are going to be announced at the all hands meet for the month, couldn’t wait to hear what new layer was being set up now. Got to work and logged in to check emails. Since I’d availed a sick leave the day before, had some mails to respond to.

Well, well. Two emails waited to create fear in my heart. One, that questioned my questioning of keeping a third person informed about my attendance. Mind you, a third manager who is neither my supervisor, nor my career counselor/training approver. Beats me why one individual needs to keep two managers informed in the first place. So, the third manager that wants to stay in the loop forwarded the email to a fourth manager to advise me. Stay with me, I know it’s confusing! The end result, keep manager three and two involved till an updated org chart is shared. It is what it is.
Well, another email asked me if I had forgotten to mark two hours leave on my time report OR had logged in from home to make up for the time when I left early last week. It was my parent’s wedding anniversary and I wanted to be home before they slept. Now, I kept manager 1 informed and was told that I don’t need to log back in and to enjoy the extra time off. Why, you ask. Because I had spent over six weeks supporting a session by working overtime because the main planner was in over her head already. Hey, I didn’t complain and I was learning. Here’s the odd part. While managers 2 and 3 were also informed and aware of the reason and the permission, I still receive this email a week later. And mind you, both mails were sent on a day when I wasn’t in the office. Convenient. End result, manager 1’s manager (am I on number 5 already?) got involved and confirmed her approval.
Are you imagining a target on my back? Because I sure am. And I’m just getting started about the mental harrassment I’m put through at work.
Had a headache by the time I returned home feeling like I needed to purge myself of the stifling energy I’ve absorbed at the office.
What do you reckon, have either of these managers, 1 through 5, heard of Henry Fayol and his principles of management? Especially the one that talks about unity of command. There is a reason why direction is provided to an employee by one manager. The involvement of multiple managers and multiple instructions only causes chaos.
Toes will get trampled on and perceptions will get built and quite likely, the employee will not be allowed to over perform.

One part of me wants to go on and Google ways of dealing with a division in the line of command, another part of me is aware that I have a life beyond the office and whatever happens inside, I’ve responsibilities outside. And a happy, fulfilling life that awaits my attention. Off duty, over and out.


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